Raspberry Pi Compute Module CM4 IO Board

by Raspberry Pi Foundation
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Raspberry Pi Compute Module CM4 10 is a more flexible form with additional functionality. It is a highly suitable prototype system for Raspberry Pi boards. It has a simple and convenient interface layout. The RPi CM4 IO Board gives you better application over its predecessors and helps in quickly building systems with the help of PCIe cards, HATs, and other Off-The-Shelf parts. It is compatible as it gives more interfacing capabilities with some important components including SATA, NVMe, USB, and networking interfaces. It supports CM4 programming for different eMMC variants.

Specifications of Raspberry Pi Compute Module (CM4) IO Board


Real-Time Clock

Battery backup

RTC battery backup


CM4 – compatible with all Compute Module 4 Variants

Raspberry Pi Connectors

Standard HAT Connectors (Support PoE)

Input Power Compatibility


Reduced Functionality

5V Input (Power Supply is not included)


16cm x 9cm | 160mm x 90mm

Ethernet Socket

Gigabit supports and compatible with PoE HAT

SD Card Socket

Compatible with CM4 Variants (eMMC is not included)

Camera Connectors

Dual MIPI Camera Connectors

HDMI Connectors

Dual HDMI Connectors

PCIe Standard Socket

Gen 2x1


2x USB 2.0 connectors

PWM fan controller

Supports tachometer feedback

Product Support Until January 2028

The good news is that the Raspberry Pi Foundation promises that the production of the product of the Compute Module 4 IO Board will remain until January 2028 and may extend the manufacturing even beyond.