1.5m Male to Male HDMI Cable

by R-Pi.se
111 kr 89 kr

This is a 150cm / 1.5m HDMI cable. It has male-to-male HDMI ports that let you connect devices compatible with the standard HDMI. It is handy for a variety of devices ranging from HD displays, game boxes, and streaming and TV boxes. The HDMI interfaces of the cable are durable and the cable is designed for fast and efficient signal transmission. It supports HD audio and video signals.

If the connected devices do not support signal conversion, you will have to use a signal conversion box or device.

Features of 1.5m Male-to-Male HDMI Cable

  • Designed for fast and efficient HD signal transmission between standard HDMI compatible devices
  • Supports most HDMI compatible devices which include HD displays, streaming and TV boxes, and game boxes (ideal for the devices that support HD display)
  • Cylindrical / Rounded cable with reliable coating
  • Length of the cable is 1.5m / 150cm
  • Male-to-Male HDMI interfaces