12V/2A Strömadapter, UK-kontakt

by Odroid
85 kr

The problem of using general-purpose power supply chargers is that there always remains the risk of voltage overflow that not only damages the interfaces but also damages the whole PCB. If you are using ODROID-N2 or ODROID-HC1 then the official Hardkernel 12V/2A Power Supply is the most suitable choice. This particular 12V/2A power supply has a UK plug. The charger also features the witching mode. The inner and outer diameters are 2.1mm (+ve) and 5.5mm (-ve) respectively.

Specifications of Official 12V/2A Power Supply (UK Plug) for ODROID-N2 and ODROID-HC1

  • Official product from Hardkernel to work with ODROID boards
  • The power supply has a switching mode
  • 100~240 AC voltage input is compatible
  • 12V/2A DC voltage output compatible
  • The charger has UK Plug
  • Inner Diameter (+ve): 2.1mm
  • Outer Diameter (-ve): 5.5mm
  • The approximate length of the cable is 150cm / 1.5-meter

ODROID Boards Compatible with 12V/2A Power Supply


Following ODROID PCs are NOT COMPATIBLE with 12V/2A Power Supply:

  • ODROID-C1+


The Official 12V/2A Power Supply (UK Plug) for ODROID-N2 and ODROID-HC1 is manufactured by Hardkernel. Please make sure to verify the compatibility of your ODROID PC with this power supply and also make sure to select the right plug. This power supply has a UK Plug.