15V/4A Official Power Supply for ODROID H2 and ODROID H2+ (EU Plug)

by Hardkernel
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The problem of using general-purpose power supply chargers is that there always remains the risk of voltage overflow that not only damages the interfaces but also damages the microcontroller board. This 15V/4A Official Power Supply is compatible with ODROID-H2 and ODROID-H2+ boards. This particular 15V/4A power supply has an EU plug. The charger also features the witching mode. The inner and outer diameters are 2.1mm (+ve) and 5.5mm (-ve) respectively.

Specifications of Official 15V/4A Power Supply (EU Plug) for ODROID-H2 and ODROID-H2+

  • Official ODROID Power Supply from Hardkernel
  • Compatible Boards: ODROID-H2 and ODROID-H2+  
  • Adapter Type: Switching Mode Power Adapter
  • Input Voltage: 100~240 Volt AC Input
  • Output Voltage: 15V/4A DC Output
  • The charger has an EU Plug
  • Inner Diameter (+ve): 2.1mm
  • Outer Diameter (-ve): 5.5mm
  • The approximate length of the cable is 100cm / 1 Meter

ODROID Boards Compatible with 15V/4A Power Supply

  • ODROID-H2+


  • This power supply has an EU Plug. Please make sure to carefully select the right product with the plug that is suitable to use in your region.
  • This power supply is compatible with ODROID-H2 and H2+ boards. For other ODROID Boards, please browse through power supplies on our store to select the one that is compatible with your ODROID Board.