3-Channel Relay Expansion Board for NVIDIA Jetson Nano – Optocoupler Isolation

by Waveshare
219 kr

Download User Guide and Resources for 3-Ch Relay Expansion for Jetson Nano

This 3-Channel Relay Expansion board has been designed to work with NVIDIA Jetson Nano. The relay expansion comes with a configurable control pin and supports optocoupler isolation. The board has a standard 40-PIN GPIO Header to connect NVIDIA Jetson Nano. The control pins are configurable and you can control them using jumpers. This way you can adjust the status indicators on the relay expansion board.

Features of 3-Channel Relay Expansion for Jetson Nano

  • Optocoupler Isolation: High voltage circuit interference protection
  • Status indicators
  • Protection for Jetson Nano – Acrylic bottom panel between the expansion board and Jetson Nano
  • Standard 40-PIN GPIO Header compatible with Jetson Nano
  • Configurable control pins
  • Enables Jetson Nano to control home appliances that use high voltage
  • Compatible with Jetson Nano 2GB and Jetson Nano B01
  • Maximum load is ≤5A 30V DC or ≤5A 250V AC
  • User manual, development resources, and examples for python-bottle and python are included

Components of 3-Channel Relay Expansion Board for Jetson Nano

  • GPIO Header 40-PIN
  • Optocouplers
  • Relay Components
  • Status Indicators
  • Power Indicator
  • Relay Screw Terminal
  • Control Pin Selection Jumpers

Items Included

  • Replay Expansion 3-Channel Board (x1)
  • Protective Acrylic Bottom Panel (x1)
  • Screw Pack (x1)

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