Adventures in Raspberry Pi (2nd Edition)

by R-Pi
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Adventures in Raspberry Pi by Carrie Anne Philbin had a huge success with the release of the First Edition. Adventures in Raspberry Pi (2nd Edition) has been primarily composed for the users of Raspberry Pi Rev 3. It has detailed tutorials on 9 important projects with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.

  • Name of the Book: Adventures in Raspberry Pi
  • Written By: Carrie Anne Philbin
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Published by Wiley
  • Publication Year: 2015
  • Weight: 661 Grams
  • Pages: 244

Content Outline - Adventures in Raspberry Pi (2nd Edition)?

  • Author’s introduction
  • Introduction to Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi Hardware
  • Raspberry Pi Equipment
  • Raspberry Pi Set Up
  • Operating System Copy/Download on Raspberry Pi
  • SD Card Software Storage
  • How to use the NOOBS
  • Plugins for Hardware
  • Installing and configuring software on Raspberry Pi
  • Login to Raspberry Pi
  • Orientation to Raspbian for Desktop
  • How to shutdown Raspberry Pi?
  • SD Card image and backup
  • Terminals, Commands, and Navigation of File System
  • Using the sudo commands
  • Using the command line to launch programs
  • Directory and file management
  • App downloading, installation, and updates on Raspberry Pi
  • How to edit files on Raspberry Pi?
  • How to use Restart and Shutdown commands on Raspberry Pi?
  • Creating games and stories with the help of Scratch
  • How to create original and custom Sprites?
  • How to create Role Play Adventure Games on Raspberry Pi?
  • Creating animations on Raspberry Pi
  • Programming shapes, switching backgrounds, entering a cave, and Turtle Graphics
  • Python Turtle Graphics
  • Python Programming
  • How to program Minecraft World on Raspberry Pi?
  • Coding music by using Sonic Pi
  • Using Raspberry Pi GPIO Pins
  • Jukebox Build on Raspberry Pi


Adventures in Raspberry Pi (2nd Edition) by Carrie Anne Philbin is written for beginners. The content in the book focuses on entertaining projects you can undertake on Raspberry Pi Rev 3 SBCs. It is a good starting point for anyone looking to learn system administration and basic programming on Raspberry Pi microcontrollers.