LattePanda 2GB RAM 32GB Flash without Windows 10 License

by LattePanda
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This LattePanda SBC features 32GB flash and 2GB RAM. This board has the Atom X5-Z8300 (Intel processor) and ATmega32U4 co-processor. Windows 10 license DOES NOT come with this particular variant but this board is compatible with Windows 10 also. LattePanda SBC is compatible with scores of software and hardware and can operate as a Personal Computer.

Using LattePanda as a Personal Computer  

You can make a conventional personal computer from LattePanda by just connecting basic inputs (like the mouse, keyboard, DVI-D monitor, or HBMI display). Virtual Networking Computing (VNC) software is also compatible with LattePanda. By connecting LattePanda to the VNC software, you can control it remotely with the help of a PC.

Applications of LattePanda SBC

  • It can be operated as an embedded controller
  • It can assemble inputs when connected to sensors
  • It drives motors as well as relays
  • It can work as Arduino Leonardo when you program its ATmega32U4

Specifications of LattePanda SBC

  • Up to 1.8 GHz Atom X5-Z8300 intel processor
  • Comes with ATmega32U4 Co-Processor
  • Intel HD Graphics GPU | single-channel memory | 12 EUs at 200MHz to 500 MHz
  • Flash: 32GB eMMC flash storage
  • Storage Support: Micro SD Card Slot external storage support
  • Bluetooth: BT 4.0
  • Wi-Fi range: 2.4G 802.11n (WiFi Antenna is also included)
  • Ethernet: LAN connector (100Mbps)
  • With 2x USB 2.0 Ports | 1x USB 3.0 Port USB support
  • Power Input: Micro USB Connector for power supply
  • MIPI-DSI and HDMI video support
  • GPIO: 20 (ATmega) and 6 (X5-Z8300)
  • Additional Connectors in Gravity Interface Connectors and Touch Panel Connectors
  • Voltage Compatibility: 5V@2A (Power supply is NOT included)
  • Weight: 55 Grams
  • Dimensions: 8.8cm x 7cm | 88mm x 70mm