DIY HDMI FFC Cable 1m Opposite Side Contact 20Pin 0.5mm Pitch

by Waveshare
80 kr

This DIY HDMI strip is approximately 100cm long. It is a Flexible Flat Cable (FFC) you can use to connect HDMI adapters. The cable features EMI shielding for stable signal transmission. The cable has been treated with anti-oxidation tin/gold plating.

Specifications of DIY HDMI FFC Cable

  • Cable Type: Flexible Flat Cable (FFC)
  • Terminal: Exposed contact – opposite side 20-Pin 0.5mm Pitch
  • Protection: EMI Shielding | Anti-Oxidation | Gold / Tin plating
  • Weight: 6 Grams
  • Length: 100cm
  • Width: 1.07cm

Items Included

  • FFC 20 Pin 0.5mm Pitch (opposite side contact) x1

The box does NOT include HDMI adapters.