DSI Cable 15cm FFC Double Sided EMI Shielding Film

by Waveshare
99 kr

This DSI Flexible Flat Cable (FFC) is 15cm long. It features a black double-sided EMI shielding film that not only makes the cable more stable but also helps it to resist interference. It has a 15 Pin 1mm Pitch connector at one end and a 22 Pin 0.5mm Pitch connector at the other end.

The signal transmission of EMI shielded FFCs is more stable as compared to the FFCs without EMI shielding film.

Specifications of DSI FFC Cable

  • 22 Pin connector 0.5mm Pitch
  • 15 Pin connector 1mm Pitch
  • EMI Shielding Film on both sides
  • Applications: Suitable for DSI Display connection
  • Length: Approximately 15cm

Working with DSI Display to Raspberry Pi CM IO Board
Working with DSI Display to Waveshare CM4 PoE IO Board

Items Included

  • DSI FFC Cable 15cm (x1)