Coral Dev Board 1GB RAM 8GB eMMC Google Edge TPU

by Coral
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Google Coral Dev SBC always stands out whenever it comes to agile machine learning inference. 1GB RAM, 8GB eMMC, and NXP Quad-Core iMX 8M SoC are present in the Coral Dev board. The processor features Cortex-M4F and Cortex-A53. The Coral Dev becomes even better with the Edge TPU Machine Learning accelerator coprocessor. Bluetooth 4.1 and MIMO 2x2 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/g/n/ac Wi-Fi are available as wireless connectivity options on Coral Dev board.

Specifications of Google Coral Development Board 

  • System on Module (SOM) Google Edge TPU ML Accelerator 
  • SoC: Cortex-A53 Quad-Core NXP iMX 8M with Cortex-M4F  
  • 8GB eMMC flash
  • Cryptographic Coprocessor 
  • Bluetooth: 4.1 
  • MIMO 2x2 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/g/n/ac Wi-Fi
  • 5V DC USB Type C Port 
  • OTG Port: Type C USB 3.0 OTG Port 
  • Host port: Type A USB3.0 Host Port 
  • Serial console port: Micro B USB 2.0 Serial Console Port 
  • CTIA Compliant Audio Jack 3.5mm 
  • 2 Digital PDM Microphones 
  • Stereo Speaker connector 4-Pin
  • Full-size HDMI 2.0a 
  • FFC 39-Pin 4-Lane connector for MIPI DSI Display 
  • FFC 24-Pin 4-Lane connector for MIPI CSI-2 Camera 
  • Gigabit Ethernet Interface 
  • Micro SD Card Slot 
  • 40-PIN Expansion Header 
  • Heatsink and Fan also included 
  • Compatible with Mendel Linux 
  • Dimensions: 85mm x 56mm 

Specifications of Coral Dev Fan (Included)

  • Airflow: 4.9 CFM / 138 LPM 
  • Peak Power: 0.65 W 
  • Static Pressure (0.17 in-H2O): 42 Pa 
  • Speed Rating: 9000 (RPM)
  • Voltage Compatibility: 5V DC