WSSP08A 2.5MPa RS485 Industrial Hydraulic Pressure Transmitter IP65 RTU 12-24V

by Waveshare
613 kr 490 kr

This WSSP08A 2.5MPa RS485 Bus pressure transmitter features diffused silicon transducer Grade-A. This sensor can transmit oil, barometric, and hydraulic pressure. It is an industrial-grade high-precision sensor that features non-linear correction. This pressure transmitter is compatible with 12V ~ 24V DC power supply.

Features of WSSP08A 2.5MPa RS485 Bus Industrial Oil, Hydraulic, and Barometric Pressure Sensor

  • RS485 supports digital output
  • Enhanced durability with obstruction-proof and corrosion-resistant film isolation technology
  • Standard Modbus-RTU protocol
  • Voltage, current, and reverse protection
  • Small integrated chip
  • Measures oil, water, and gas pressure
  • Anti-interference and cut-off frequency
  • IP65 rated dust and low-pressure water resistance
  • Convenient installation
  • Compatible with 12V ~ 24V DC power supply
  • 5% (max.) FS accuracy (±0.2% FS/year)
  • 200% full range overload
  • Operating Environment: -40oC to 85oC and 0% ~ 95% RH Ambient Humidity (non-frosting and non-condensing)
  • 0 ~ 2.5MPa gauge pressure range
  • 10g (20HZ ~ 2000HZ) Shock Resistant
  • ±0.2% FS/℃ Temperature Drift (within the compensation range)
  • -10oC to 70oC Temperature Compensation
  • Weights 224 grams | 0.224 kg


The offer DOES NOT include the USB to RS485

Items Included

  • 1x WSSP08A Pressure Sensor