Industrial Relay Module 8-Channel for Raspberry Pi Pico – Multi Protection

by Waveshare
246 kr

Download User Guide for 8-Ch Relay for RPi Pico

This 8-channel relay module has been designed to work with designed for Raspberry Pi Pico. It is an industrial relay module with multi-protection embedded circuitry. The 8-Channel relay for Raspberry Pi Pico comes with photocoupler and power supply isolation features. The relay features a protective ABS box that supports Rail Mount and is easy to use. BOOT Pin and Breakout USB Port allow you to easily debug without having to remove the enclosure.

Features of 8-Channel Relay Module for Raspberry Pi Pico

  • Stable isolated voltage supply – the isolated terminal does not require an external power supply
  • BOOT Pin and Breakout USB Port allow you to easily debug without having to remove the enclosure
  • Unibody Power Supply Isolation onboard
  • Contact rating: ≤10A 30V DC or 10A 250V AC
  • High voltage circuit interference prevention through onboard photocoupler isolation
  • Features a passive buzzer outside the enclosure
  • ABS protection box – easy to install; safe to handle; and supports Rail Mount
  • PWR Indicator
  • RGB LED Indicator
  • User manual and development resources included with examples for Raspberry Pi Pico, MicroPython, and C/C++

Specifications of 8-Channel Relay Module for Raspberry Pi Pico

  • Pin Header: Female Pin Header compatible with Raspberry Pi Pico
  • Relay Channels: 8
  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • Contact Form: INO INC
  • Communication Protocol: USB
  • Communication Interface: Micro USB


  • Raspberry Pi Pico Header
  • Power Supply Screw Terminal – Parallel connection of multi relays
  • Relay Screw Terminal – Facilitates connection with external devices
  • Pogo Pins
  • Power Supply Isolation
  • USB Communication Port – Connected through Pogo Pins
  • Photocoupler Isolation
  • Boot Key – Connected through Pogo Pins
  • Reset Key – Resets Raspberry Pi Pico
  • Relay Status Indicator
  • Power Indicator
  • Passive Buzzer – Sound frequency is configurable
  • Thickened Tracks – Handles high voltage devices
  • WS2812 – RGB LED Indicator
  • Relays – 8-channels

Items Included

  • Relay Module (x1)
  • ABD Protection Enclosure – Top and Bottom (x1)
  • Screwdriver (x1)
  • Pack of Screws (x1)

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