DIY IR-fjärrkontroll för Raspberry Pi

by NoName
47 kr

This DIY IR Remote Control for Raspberry Pi uses the HX1838 Infrared Sensor. The minimum range of the HX1838 IR sensor is 5 meters and reaches up to 8 meters in ideal conditions and suitable surroundings. In addition, the HC1838 IR Sensor is capable of data coding at up to 38K from any remote control.

Specs of DIY IR Remote Control for Raspberry Pi

  • Data coding frequency reaches up to 38K
  • Capable of data coding from any remote control
  • Infrared Sensor: High-Sensitivity HX1838
  • 3 Digital Outputs
  • External GND
  • Minimum Range is 5 meters and Maximum Range is 8 meters
  • Compatible with 5V
  • 10k pull-up Digital Resistor
  • I/O Port IN External Microcontroller
  • VCC 3.3V~5V External Voltage Compatible