KKSB Momentary Power Push Button 12mm DuPont 2.54mm Connectors Wires 15cm

by KKSB-Cases
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This is a momentary power switch 12mm pushbutton from KKSB. The switch comes with 2x Dupont connectors (2.54mm) and 2x wires (15cm each). Each wire has a different color for unmistakable identification. This push button lets you easily access the power switch without removing the case from the board. In addition to various general accessories, the KKSB 12mm pushbutton also fits many KKSB Cases such as the compact case for Jetson Nano / XAVIER NX.

Features of KKSB 12mm Momentary Switch Push Button

  • Connectors: 2x DuPont Connectors (2.54mm)
  • Switch: Momentary Power Switch
  • Cables: 2x Cables (Black and Red)
  • Cable Length: 150mm (15cm) Approximately
  • Accessories: M12 Nut included

Items Included

  • KKSB 12mm Momentary Switch Push Button (x1)
  • M12 Nut (x1)

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