KKSB BeagleBone Steel Case Metal Enclosure for BeagleBone Black and SanCloud

by KKSB-Cases
244 kr 195 kr

The KKSB BeagleBone Steel Case is designed for the BeagleBone SanCloud and BeagleBone Black. This metal case is the second variant for KKSB BeagleBone cases. This variant features black powder-coated finishing and is made of high-grade steel. The casing features cutouts for various connectors including Ethernet Jack, micro HDMI, USB, MicroUSB, and Power Jack. The metal makes the KKSB BeagleBone Case more reliable and effective.


  • Brand: KKSB-Cases
  • Made of High-Grade Steel
  • Black Powder-Coated Finishing
  • Compatible with BeagleBone SanCloud and BeagleBone Black
  • Air-Vents on top of the steel cover
  • Pre-Cut mounting holes for surface mounting
  • Cutouts for HDMI, USB, Ethernet, Power Jack, etc.

Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)



  • 1x BeagleBone Case Lid
  • 1x BeagleBone Case Bottom
  • 2x Countersunk Screw (Cross-Head)
  • 2x Hexagon Standoffs


The KKSB BeagleBone Steel Case is a robust protective enclosure for you if you are working on the BeagleBone (SanClound/Black). Nothing could come any closer to perfection than this impressive metal casing for your BeagleBone microcontrollers.