KKSB Gray Aluminum Case for Odroid N2+

by KKSB-Cases
310 kr 248 kr

This is the much improved newly designed aluminum case for Odroid N2+. This version includes multiple accessories including an 80mm CPU cooling fan for the Odroid N2+ board. This case is made of sandblasted aluminum. This is the anodized gray version of this new design. On top of the case, there is a cutout for the ON/OFF Button (the 12mm Pushbutton Switch is included). In addition, there are a couple of holes on top to insert light pipes which direct the Status and Power LED lights (light pipes are included).

Read here how to assemble the case and connect and set up the start button.

The new version comes with an increased elevation since it has taller screwable rubber feet. This design change increases airflow and optimizes heat dissipation.

Specifications of KKSB Aluminum Case for Odroid N2+

  • Brand: KKSB-Cases
  • Material: Sandblasted Aluminum
  • Color Variant: Anodized Gray
  • Compatibility: Designed for Odroid N2+ board with cutouts for interfaces and connectors
  • Cooling: Accommodates 80mm CPU Cooling Fan for Odroid N2+ (Fan is included)
  • Heat Dissipation: Taller screwable rubber feet (included) for efficient heat dissipation and fast airflow
  • Push-start: Cutout for ON/OFF switch (12mm pushbutton is included)
  • Status Indicators: Holes for Light Pipes to direct Power and System indication light (Light pipes are included)

Items Included

  • 1x KKSB Aluminum Case Odroid N2+
  • 1x 12mm Pushbutton
  • 1x 80mm Cooling Fan
  • 4x Screwable Rubber Feet
  • 2x Light Pipes
  • Screws / Fasteners

Compatible Board (Not Included)