LattePanda Aluminum Heatsink Cooling Fan

by DFRobot
231 kr 185 kr

LattePanda CPU shows signs of overheating during extensive processing for a long time. This can happen mostly when HD videos or heavy games are played for hours. Yet, a reliable Heatsink cooling fan can aid your LattePanda board to regulate and control its temperature when it is working at a stretch. It will also help to enhance the functioning of the LattePanda board. The LattePanda Aluminum Heatsink Cooling fan will help its processor to avoid overheating thanks to its smart design and heatsink + fan combo.  

Easy to Use! 

The LattePanda Aluminum Heatsink Cooling Fan is very easy to use. It comes with a thermal pad. You only have to attach it to the top of the LattePanda processor. Then with the help of DuPont Female Connector i.e., the 2-Pin Jumper wire, connect the fan to the CN2 Headers.

Specifications of LattePanda Heatsink Cooling Fan 

  • Created for LattePanda SBC 
  • Size: 35mm x 34.5mm x 10mm / 3.45cm x 3.45cm x 1cm 
  • Assembly: Surface Mounting on the SBC with the help of screws 
  • Comes with a thermal pad 
  • Made of Aluminium 
  • Speed Rating: 6500 (RPM) 
  • 0.14 A Operating Current
  • 5V Operating Voltage
  • Type of interface: 2-Pin Jumper wire DuPont Female Connector (2.54mm)