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NFC-RFID Expansion Board

Communication between devices has to be efficient and contact-less these days to ensure better performance of the development board. To enhance the functionality of the board, we now have various expansions. Here we offer NFC-RFID expansion board for Omega2, one of the most reliable expansions you’ll ever find. Thanks to its Mifare Ultralight tags, you can now read and write NCF and RFID protocols at 13.56MHz. The expansion contains the reliable PN532 Controller Chip and we also have this chip in most of the smartphone these days.


  • PN532 Controller Chip
  • Compatible with Omega2
  • Plugin option for Onion Expansions, Arduino, and Power Dock


  • 1x RFID NFC Expansion for Onion Omega2
  • 2x 100-bytes storage NFC Sticker

Size and Weight

  • L x W (approx.) = 96mm x 61mm
  • Weight = 24 grams


NFC-RFID Expansion for Omega2 is an important expansion which allows you to do expand the scope of your development projects by enhancing the functionality of the board. Simple, quick, and efficient are the three words which best describe this reliable expansion.