Odroid H2 and H2+ Net Card with 4 2.5 GbE Ports

by Hardkernel
614 kr

The Odroid H2 Net Card works with Odroid H2+ and H2. The 4x 2.5 GbE ports in its network carb can be used for optimizing the Ethernet connectivity.

The 2x 1GbE Ethernet ports on this card will ease off the options for networking than other boards.

The Odroid H2+ board enables its users to attach four additional ports of 2.5 GbE through its two 2.5 GbE Ethernet ports. The manufacturer has specifically added additional ports to enhance performance and expand the networking options on different applications.

Applications of Odroid H2/H2+ Net Card

  • Ensures 2.5 GbE speed/port through a router or DIY gateway for five clients maximum if used with the H2+ board
  • Use H2+ board for establishing a six clients’ server
  • Improves the Ethernet speed from one GbE to 2.5 GbE

Important Note

  • Don’t use a third-party SBC and other Odroid Board for the Odroid H2 Net Card because it is only compatible with Odroid H2 and H2+.