OGST Gaming Console Kit for Odroid XU4 and XU4Q

by Hardkernel
515 kr 412 kr

The OGST Gaming Console Kit allows its users to build a customized console through Odroid XU4Q and XU4. This gaming kit also includes a 2.4-inch programmable LCD. This LCS provides a better logo animation display of the game. Moreover, the OGST Gaming Console is also equipped with four USB ports situated at the console's front, which helps in connecting the USB game joysticks and controllers. The OGST Console Kit also makes embedding a 2.5-inch HDD much easier. Besides, it has been intentionally given the orthodox design for triggering the nostalgic feeling.

Specifications of OGST Gaming Console Kit for XU4


Designed specifically for the Odroid XU4Q and XU4

Programmable Switch



Odroid Game Station Turbo OS Image

Power Consumption

5V / 250mA (Typ.)


2.4-inch Programmable LCD

Power Switch


USB Ports



Around 250 Grams (0.25 Kg)


Approximately 180mm x 65mm x 150mm (18cm x 6.5cm x 15cm)



  • The package does not include Odroid Board, Micro SD Card, eMMC, Power Supply, Joystick, and Controller.
  • The kit does not come with HDD, which is essential if you want to customize the storage space as per your choice. So, you should get a separate HDD for this.

Items Included

  • LCD Board
  • Case Bottom
  • Case Cover
  • Set of Rubber Feet
  • USB 2.0 Extension Cable
  • USB Port Cover
  • 30 Pin Flat Cable
  • Screws