PWM Controlled PCA9685 Fan HAT for Raspberry Pi with Temperature Monitor Display

by Waveshare
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What you are looking at is the PWM Controlled Fan HAT. The Fan HAT is for Raspberry Pi with a PCA9685 Driver. The Fan supports communication through 12C Bus and is compatible with the standard 40-Pin Raspberry Pi GPIO Header. The temperature in this technology can be looked after via a Real-Time Temperature monitor. A 0.91-inch OLED display on the HAT is helpful to show the Real-Time temperature and customized content. The display resolution is 128x32 pixels and the content is displayed in the white color. The Fan HAT features a Heat Sink for better heat management.

Features of PWM Controlled PCA9685 Fan HAT for Raspberry Pi

  • A PCA9685 PWM Fan Controller Driver
  • Facilitates a PWM Auto Adjustment
  • 91-inch OLED display (Real-Time Temperature and Customized Content)
  • SSD1306 OLED Driver
  • Has White Display Color
  • View Angle (160o OLED)
  • Display Resolution is 128x32 pixels
  • Size Fan (3007)
  • Fan Speed 8000 rpm (max.)
  • Logic Level Voltage (5V)
  • Automatic Speed Adjustment that responds to the Real-Time Temperature
  • Programmable Configuration
  • Communicates with the Host Control Board via I2C Pins
  • 16 PWM Output Channels for the external PWM devices
  • Heat Sink for better heat management
  • Weight: 40 grams | 0.04 kg
  • Dimensions: 6.5cm x 5.65cm | 65mm x 56.5mm

Default Fan Speed

The speed of the fan is programmable. The fan comes with the following default speed settings:

  • 40oC at the speed of 40%
  • 50oC at the speed of 50%
  • 55oC at the speed of 75%
  • 60oC at the speed of 90%
  • 65oC at the speed of 100% (8000 rpm)

Hardware Components on PWM Controlled PCA9685 Fan HAT for Raspberry Pi

  • Raspberry Pi Standard GPIO Header (40-Pin)
  • PWM Controlled Fan (3007 Size)
  • PWM Driver (PCA9685)
  • I2C Reserve Control Pins
  • I2C address configuration for PCA9685
  • Reserve Output Channels for PCA9685
  • 91-inch OLED Display

Items Included

  1. 1x PWM Controlled Fan HAT for Raspberry Pi
  2. 1x Heat Sink Set
  3. 2x Standoffs
  4. 1x Male Header