Acrylic Case for Raspberry Pi 3B / 3B+ 9 Transparent Layers with Black Markings

by Raspberry Pi Foundation
71 kr

This case works with Raspberry Pi 3B and 3B+. It has 9 transparent acrylic layers with black markings. This Raspberry Pi 3 case has cutouts for ports and connectors. The bottom layer of the case has a precut hole for the heatsink to support optimal ventilation. The top layer features a large circular cutout to support heat dissipation from the CPU fan.

Specifications of Acrylic Case for Raspberry Pi 3

  • Colour: Transparent with Black Markings
  • Layers: 9 Acrylic Sheets
  • Compatibility: Fits with Raspberry Pi 3B and 3B+
  • Heat Dissipation: Precut hole for Heatsink | Large cutout for CPU fan with precut screw holes
  • Easy Assembly: This case does not need screws to fit the Raspberry Pi board

Items Included

  • Acrylic Case 9 Layers (1)


  • Raspberry Pi is NOT included
  • CPU Fan and Heatsink are not included