Raspberry Pi 32GB Micro SD Card with Preloaded NOOBS and SD Card Adapter

by Raspberry Pi Foundation
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Raspberry Pi foundation released NOOBS, its software upgrade, to boost up the experience for users. This is operated on the RPi OS (Debian Jessie). With preloaded NOOBS comes this 32GB SanDisk Micro SD card along with the SD adapter. 

What is NOOBS 

NOOBS (New Out Of Box Software) helps you in setting up the RPi board. The aim of the RPi Foundation is to educate computing and programming in a stress-free way. Installing NOOBS on your Pi is quite easy. After connecting to the inputs, power supply, and display unit you can insert the 32GB Micro SD card with already loaded NOOBS in the slot. Install preloaded NOOBS and enjoy the latest and advanced Debian Jessie.

NOOBS Operating System Compatibility 

NOOBS is compatible with:

  • Pidora
  • RaspBMC
  • Raspbian (RPi OS) 
  • OpenEle 
  • Arch Linux 
  • RISC OS 

Specifications of 32GB Raspberry Pi Micro SD Card with Preloaded NOOBS 

  • SanDisk (card brand)
  • Class 10 (speed class)
  • Includes SD Card adapter
  • 32GB Capacity