Servo Driver Breakout for micro:bit PCA9685 12-Bit 16-Channel I2C Interface

by Waveshare
180 kr

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This Servo Driver Breakout Board is compatible with micro:bit. It has 16 output (Servo / PWM) channels with each channel receiving a 12-bit resolution. The micro:bit Servo Driver Breakout Board uses an I2C control interface and also supports control boards using the reserved I2C control pins.

The 16 output channels on the micro:bit Servo Driver Breakout Board make it possible to work on advanced applications that need more servo channels to control multiple servos. The standard servo interface on the servo driver breakout board is compatible with many popular servos. This driver board is suitable for robotic arm control applications and advanced robotic functions.

Features of Servo Driver Breakout for micro:bit

  • I2C communication interface | uses just 2 Pins
  • Plugs directly to the micro:bit via the onboard edge connector
  • 5V regulator | 3A output current (max.)
  • Up to 16 Output PWM / Servo Channels | 12-bit resolution per channel (4096 scales)
  • Can also receive battery power through VIN terminal
  • Supports other control boards through reserved I2C control pins
  • Standard Servo interface compatible with many popular Servos such as SG90, MG996R, MG90S, etc.

Specifications of Servo Driver Breakout for micro:bit

  • Driver: PCA9685
  • Control Interface: I2C
  • Power Compatibility: 5V compatible via POWER Connector
  • Servo Voltage: 5V
  • compatible via VIN Terminal (Battery Supply) | 6V ~ 12V Compatible
  • Logic Voltage: 3.3V
  • Mounting Holes: 3.0mm
  • Dimensions: 65mm x 36mm | 6.5cm x 3.6cm
  • Weight: 19 Grams

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Items Included

  • Servo Driver Breakout Board (1)

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