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SX1262 868MHz LoRa HAT for Raspberry Pi – Europe, Asia, Africa with Antenna

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Download SX1262 LoRa HAT User Guide and Resources

This SX1262 LoRa Spread Spectrum Modulation HAT has been designed to work with Raspberry Pi. The SX1262 LoRa HAT supports the 868 MHz frequency band and can work in the regions of Europe, Asia, and Africa. The HAT uses the serial port for data transmission and has a long range of up to 5 kilometers. Wireless configuration, carrier sensing, communication key, and Wake on Radio features are supported. The Spread Spectrum Modulation technology enables the SX1262 LoRa HAT to cover a greater distance with low power consumption and at a higher rate. This LoRa HAT for Raspberry Pi is ideal for data collection, industrial control, and smart home applications.

Features of SX1262 915MHz LoRa HAT for Raspberry Pi

  • LoRa Spread Spectrum Modulation Technology
  • Standard 40-PIN GPIO Extension Header
  • LBT support. Monitors the signal channel noise before it is transmitted. It significantly improves the success ratio under harsh weather or environmental conditions.
  • Serial debugging through the CP2102 onboard USB to UART converter
  • Supports Host boards including ST32 and Arduino via UART control interface
  • Maximum 81 signal channels; resists interference; longer range
  • Wake on Radio and deep sleep features for low power consumption. This feature is highly suitable for battery-powered applications
  • Auto multi-level repeating is suitable for long-range data communication and supports multi-network within the same region
  • Configurable communication key with no retrieving. Ideal for user data security.
  • Wireless parameter configuration support. Receives wireless data / command packets to allow remote configuration and retrieving the module parameter
  • RSSI signal intensity indication support. Performs signal quality evaluation and network tuning
  • Supports broadcast, fixed-point transmission, and signal channel monitoring
  • Module operating status indicator LEDs x4
  • User manual, development resources, and examples for STM32 and Raspberry Pi

Hardware Components

  • LoRa Module SX1262
  • USB to UART converter CP2102
  • Voltage Level Translator 74HC125V
  • Standard 40-PIN GPIO Extension Header
  • IPEX antenna connector
  • UART header for Host board connection
  • SMA Antenna connector
  • USB to UART port
  • RXD / TXD – UART RX / TX Indicator
  • AUX – Auxiliary Indicator
  • PWR – Power Indicator
  • LoRa mode selection jumper short M0, open M1 – Configuration Mode
  • LoRa mode selection jumper short M0, short M1 – Transmission Mode
  • LoRa mode selection jumper open M0, open M1 – Deep Sleep Mode
  • LoRa mode selection jumper open M0, short M1 – WOR Mode
  • UART selection jumper A: Control the LoRa module through USB TO UART
  • UART selection jumper B: Control the LoRa module through Raspberry Pi
  • UART selection jumper C: Access Raspberry Pi through USB TO UART

Form Factor

  • Weight: 69 Grams
  • Dimensions: 65 mm x 30.5 mm | 6.5 cm x 3.05 cm

Items Included

  • SX1262 LoRa HAR 868MHz (x1)
  • USB Cable Type-A to Micro (x1)
  • Antenna 868MHz (x1)

Note: Raspberry Pi is NOT included

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