USB3.0 eMMC Module Writer 8 Bit Interface and HS200 Mode

by Hardkernel
199 kr

If you want an easier flashing Operating System Image, you can use the writer for the USB eMMC Module. Through USB3.0 eMMC writer, an additional card reader for USB is not a need anymore. You can flash the OS without it because it enables the users to connect your PC (or SBC) and eMMC Module. The width of the SD data interface and USB3.0 eMMC writer are 4-bit and 8-bit, respectively. 

Specifications of USB3.0 eMMC Module Writer

  • Mode: HS200
  • Power Rating: 5V (500mA)
  • Interface: USB3.0
  • Windows, Linux, and Mac compatible
  • Odroid Red, Blue, and Orange Odroid eMMC Compatible
  • Use USB3.0 eMMC writer with Etcher software (or Win32DiskImager) on PC
  • Data Interface, Native eMMC interface: 8-Bit
  • Dimensions: 60mmx26mmx4.5mm