PiFace Control and Display 2 for Raspberry Pi 2B, B+, and A+

by Raspberry Pi Foundation
729 kr 583 kr

The PiFace Control & Display has been equipped with an expansion board with knobs and buttons to allow the hardware of the device to directly interact with the connected Raspberry Pi. This can be done without the help of a mouse, a monitor, or a keyboard. This allows its users to save their device space and battery. Another feature of this expansion board is that it is compatible with Raspberry Pi A+, B+, and 2B. A 16-character display with status, menu, and information display functions is yet another feature of this product. Equipped with an upgraded variant, the PiFace Control & Display 2 for Raspberry Pi works great for internet radios, XBMC media servers, and a variety of different Raspberry Pi apps. You can also make customized bitmap icons for any of these applications. You also have the choice of either using an IR remote control or the onboard buttons for adjusting the display settings on this device.

Specifications of PiFace Control & Display 2 for Raspberry Pi

  • 3-position Navigation Switch
  • Supported by Python libraries for an easier menu building
  • 2 Display lines
  • Alphanumeric display supported
  • Customization of character supported (as instructed by the user)
  • Infrared remote control supported (with the help of IR Receiver) Note: the remote control is NOT included in the over
  • Display backlight (LED)
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi A+, B+, and 2B
  • Tactile switches: 5

Items Included

  • PiFace Control & Display 2 Expansion Board x1