ASUS Tinker Board S Quad-Core Rockchip RK3288 2GB RAM and 16GB eMMC

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The ASUS Tinker Board S is designed for state-of-the-art performance and exceptional hardware compatibility. It is highly suitable for DIY and IoT enthusiasts, automation professionals, and hobbyists looking to expand the potential of materializing their tinkering idea. The ASUS Tinker Board S has 16GB eMMC, a major upgrade on the previous version.

Features of ASUS Tinker Board S

  • Powerful SoC Chip: Rockchip RK3288
  • Mali T764 GPU
  • Quad-Core ARM Processor
  • 16 GB eMMC
  • Ultra-High and High Definition Video Playback at 30fps
  • HQ media playback, computational photography, computing, processing, gaming, gesture recognition, and stabilization with Fixed-Function processors.

Hardware Specifications of ASUS Tinker Board S




2GB DDR3 Dual Channel RAM

External Storage

Micro SD (TransFash) Card Slot


ARM Quad-Core Rockchip RK3288

Graphics Processor

Integrated GPU ARM Mali T764


RTL GB Local Area Networking

Audio Support


Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth 4.0 plus EDR and 802.11 b/g/n

USB Interfaces

Four USB 2.0 Ports


·         40 PIN GPIO Header

·         2 I2C Bus

·         28 GPIO Pins

·         2 Power Pins (3.3V)

·         2 SPI Bus

·         2 Power Pins (5V)

·         4 UART

·         8 Ground Pins

·         2 PWM

·         1 PCM/I2S

·         2-Pin Contact Pin (1x S/PDIF and 1x PWM)

·         1 15-Pin MIPI Display Serial Interface

·         1 15-Pin MIPI Camera Serial Interface

·         1 Passive Heatsink

·         Operating Humidity Non-Condensing: 0% to 85%

·         Non-Operating Temperature: -40℃ to 80℃

·         Weight: 0.055 Kg

·         Dimensions: 8.55cm x 5.4cm



The HD Codec on the Board of ASUS Tinker comes with an HD audio support of up to 24 Bit or 192 kHz. These Boards have specific construction that does not require any extension module for the microphone and audio jack. The Tinker Board’s connectivity options have been designed through contemporary standards. Moreover, this board also has a DSI MIPI connector that makes it workable with the LCD or touchscreen.

The ASUS Tinker Board delivers maximum radio performance with the least amount of interference by the external factors through a metal shield on the Bluetooth and WiFi controller.