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TTL to RS485 (B) Galvanic Isolated Converter – Rail Mount Support

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This TTL to RS485 converter facilitates half-duplex communication by transforming TTL signals into differential RS485 signals. It operates seamlessly with power supplies ranging from 3.3V to 5V and incorporates protective features such as anti-reverse and over-voltage protection.

The TTL to RS485 (B) variant boasts an integrated power supply isolation mechanism, ensuring a consistent isolated voltage without the need for an additional power supply for the isolation terminal. Its unified digital isolation design provides reliable signal isolation, coupled with robust anti-interference capabilities and minimal power consumption, rendering it suitable for diverse environments.

Additionally, a Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) effectively mitigates transient spike and surge voltages within the circuit, offering resistance against electrostatic discharge and lightning strikes. Further enhancing stability are the protection diodes and resettable fuse, which contribute to steady voltage and current outputs, along with resilient shock-proof performance.

Primary Function

TTL Signal into Balanced Differential RS485 Signal Conversion.

Long-distance communication, expanding nodes and interface conversion.

Multi-Protection Features

Onboard signal and power isolation, strong anti-interference, lightningproof diodes, and TVS.

Protection diodes and onboard resettable fuse.

Rail Mount Support

Communication Connection Diagram

Half-duplex communication – Point-to-Point – TTL to RS485 – Ideal for Interface Conversion

Half-duplex communication – Point-to-Multipoint – Ideal for Node Expansion

TTL to RS485 Two-Groups Conversion – Point-to-Point – Half-Duplex-Communication – Ideal for TTL communication distance extension

Interface Layout

  • VCC: 3.3V~5V DC Power Input
  • GND: Ground
  • TXD: TTL Transmit Data
  • RXD: TTL Receive Data
  • DIP Switch: 120R Enable Switch
  • SNGD: RS485 Signal Ground
  • A+: RS485 Differential Signal Positive
  • B-: RS485 Differential Signal Negative

Some Examples of Possible Applications


  • Device Port: TTL/RS485 Standard Compatible
  • Case: ABS Case – Rail-Mount Support (compatible with 35mm DIN Rail)
  • Power Supply Compatibility: 3.3V ~ 5V
  • TTL Transmission Distance: Approximately 10m
  • TTL Connector: Screw Terminal
  • TTL Transmission Mode: Point-to-Point
  • RS485 Protection: 15KV ESD Protection, 600W lightningproof and surge suppress
  • RS485 Connector: Screw Terminal
  • RS485 Transmission Mode: Point-to-Multipoint (Up to 32 nodes – it is recommended to use repeaters for 16 nodes)
  • RS485 Transmission Distance: About 1.2km
  • Dimensions: 91.6mm x 58.7mm x 23.3mm

Items Included

  • TTL to RS485 (B)
  • Screwdriver

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